Welcome to the Catalyst6Spark

Welcome to Catalyst6Spark, the blog of Catalyst6 Consulting.

Our reason for being is to provide a catalyst for organisational change. We strive to provide the environments and mechanisms to enable change and develop leadership potential. Our goal is to positively influence the way people think and behave and to help them grow and improve their skills and capabilities.

So via the Catalyst6Spark we want to bring you interesting ideas, thought provoking articles and video clips that spark some action or motivation for you to do something different, or reinforce the continuation of something you know to be right.

Knowledge, awareness and self development are the cornerstones for a leader’s adult development and growth so we will “cherry pick” the best and most interesting and relevant thought leadership from the public domain, the internet, books and magazines.

The material we choose will have an emphasis on leadership and communication though as a customer centric organisation we would love to hear from you to learn what you want more of, or less of.

We hope you enjoy the Catalyst6Spark and can’t wait to hear from you.


Paul T


Paul Taylor is a master facilitator, executive coach, trainer and principal @ Catalyst6 Consulting.