James co-founded First City Corporate Advisory Services and recently established a new consulting firm, Myall Ventures to focus on strategy facilitation.  He has over 30 years commercial experience working with some of the biggest names in the finance industry - including Ernst & Young, Citibank, and ASIC. With a background in corporate finance, investment & commercial banking, his work with Catalyst focuses on strategic review and facilitation, aimed at aligning corporate goals with shareholder wealth maximisation. 
James’ role is to assist management in the identification, articulation & delivery of their high-level goals and objectives. He achieves this purpose by ensuring every strategy facilitation project delivers to the client by assigning specific and measurable goals to its executives.

Education & Industry Accreditation

Trained and qualified as a Chartered Accountant, James has worked with financial services based organisations on a diverse range of projects including:

•    Initial Public Offering – Plan B
•    Strategy facilitation – Medibank
•    Merger facilitation – Grand United
•    Sale of Business Division - Zurich
•    Business Acquisition - Sterling Grace
•    Implementation of Change Management - ASIC