Dealing with adversity at work

Work place stress costs Australian Businesses billions of dollars every year. Work related stress is often caused by pressures arising from extra work responsibilities and workloads, looming deadlines, organisational restructures,  interpersonal conflicts and workplace performance or promotion issues. Many research studies suggest that strong leadership, training initiatives and coaching skills can help workers become more resilient to work related stress.

We offer a program to help people physiologically and psychologically plan to be more resilient.

At the end of our workshop session participants will be able to:

  • Understand what the core characteristics of resilient people are
  • Determine their own resilience ‘strengths’ and areas to build resilience
  • Apply the model and resilience building tools to make a plan
  • Challenge their thinking and be able to think more positively and constructively
  • Describe a personal vision and purpose and build a personal and team action plan

The core elements of the workshop are as follows:

  • Personal Resilience self assessment AQ - Adversity Quotient
  • Characteristics of Highly Resilient People
  • Recognising Negative Thinking
  • Resilience Tools
  • Resilience Model
  • Tools and models for all six of the resilience segments
  • Personal Action Plan