Executive Coaching is one of the best ways to drive organisational change and most often a necessity as part of a change initiative. Helping individual leaders realise their potential and adapt to necessary change also typically entails helping the collective culture to adjust as well. 

Our coaching philosophy is based on an ethical, strengths-based approach and our coaches have a deep experience of senior executive leadership and adult learning practice. 

Though every coaching assignment is different depending on who is being coached, our aim is to enter into dialogue with our coaching counterparts, actively listening to uncover stories, patterns and meaning.

Our coaches deliver coaching outcomes towards motivation and self-belief, growth in performance, discovery of meaning and purpose, career development, team development and the formulation of business strategy.  We use tools and resources developed from a mix of scientifically grounded and respected academic research and long term pragmatic experience. 

Although every organisation is unique, most require between 6 and 9 coaching sessions of 90 minutes, spread over 6 months to a year. We recommend 360 profiling before the coaching dialogue to help the client understand the current reality, the driving necessity, and a pathway for change. 

We work with each client early on in the process to ensure they have the right-fit coach and make expectations and responsibilities of coach, counterpart and sponsor clear for all involved.