Our facilitators are amongst the best in
the business

Our philosophy is based on the belief that it’s the people who grow business, and ensuring that we get input and insight from all who attend each forum is essential to achieve effective outcomes.

Our facilitators are amongst the best in the business. We boast, tongue in cheek that we have the ex factor – our team comprise ex-managing directors, ex-general managers, ex-directors, ex-marketing directors and ex-business owners.

We see our role as a facilitator, to:

  • Maintain a neutral role – encourage others to share ideas
  • Maintain a balanced flow of ideas among the participants – don’t let the few dominate
  • Ensure everyone participates
  • Keep discussion focused on the topic
  • Provide process and guidelines to maintain balance and timing
  • Summarise discussion, agreement and next steps

We use a light touch with a strong focus on results and outcomes. Our clients retain us to help them develop strategies and plans for business growth by tapping into their best resource – their people.

We have a successful track record facilitating
the following forums:

  • Business Strategy and Planning
  • Major change initiatives and innovations
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Conferences
  • Board Meetings
  • Sales Strategy
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Learning Architecture