The Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) is designed to promote constructive change – transformational change – with the feedback helping individuals more clearly understand what is currently supporting and hindering their personal effectiveness, with guidance to developing more constructive styles of thinking and behaving. With researched links to personal satisfaction, stress, effectiveness and quality of interpersonal relationships, the LSI can truly help people change their lives.

Organisational effectiveness relates to individual thinking patterns and self-concept as organisations are made up of people. Such collective thinking determines your organisational culture and impacts the way your organisation deals with employees, customers, shareholders and competitors.

Through 25 years’ research, Human Synergistics  through the Lifestyles Inventory tool (LSI) has established that there are certain defensive behavioural styles which are ineffective, some of which are marginal, some adequate and other constructive styles that are associated with excellence. By knowing your style and comparing it to a reference group, you can benchmark your own performance against others and thus evaluate your present level of effectiveness.

Completing individual profiles and understanding how they relate to team dynamics can result in the following benefits:

•Greater self-understanding
•Improved ability to work as part of a team
•Knowledge of the impact your behaviour has on others
•Increased productivity
•Stronger interpersonal skills
•Perspective on strengths and potential areas of   development