This influencing course reinforces the principles of effective persuasion and takes them to a new level

"I loved learning about the different types of people and how to use this tool with my work colleagues. It gave me a clearer understanding of how to communicate what I need, so that my team listens." - Karree Mastee, Westfield

In business today, structures are flatter with an erosion of formal ‘authority’. Decisions need to be brokered across functional disciplines, rather than cascaded down autocratic silos. The requirement for partnership and collaboration has never been greater.

In putting together the influence program, we further considered the unique role that a manager has in reporting to directors/senior management, and managing their own staff. They often have to manage several conflicting requirements with the unenviable task of bringing all parties together – with a mandate, but less authority.

This course will take you through a program of syndicate group analysis, case study, presentations and personal action plan.


This course is perfect for you if you are in a Management or Leadership Role and wish to:

  • Learn the practical business applications of influence
  • Understand the six stages that directly affect a person’s ability to achieve great things through the power of influence.
  • Build influence through effective networking.
  • Learn influencing tactics to gain greater knowledge of your targets