exceptional customer service workshop

where only an exceptional customer EXPERIENCE will do.


In a highly competitive marketplace your customers are the resource on which success depends.  Research has revealed a direct link between superior customer service, customer loyalty and financial performance.

Our Customer Service workshops are geared towards creating new and improved customer service culture in your organisation. A service culture that sees to an exceptional customer experience. A service culture that reflects the culture of your organisation. A culture that is exceptional.

It starts by changing the way your organisation thinks about customers. And covers the entire customer journey by working with the Customer Experience Hierarchy and laying out all customer interaction disciplines:

  • Preparation
  • Greeting
  • Face to face experience
  • Telephone manner
  • Writing (i.e. emails or letters)
  • Farewells
  • Handling complaints most effectively
  • After sales service follow up


  • Convey the importance and link of exceptional service to long term profitability
  • Create, lift and improve standards
  • Consistency in delivery of exceptional experiences
  • Learn strategies and tactics for handling difficult situations
  • Learn best practice for handling complaints


Anyone and everyone serving a customer or serving someone who is!