Many people think that only creative people in creative jobs need to think creatively.

"We have worked with Catalyst6 for over 10 years. In that time they have had a huge impact on our pitching and thinking skills. more recently, Catalyst6 helped us realign our business away from being just an Australian advertising agency to becoming the best problem solving company in Australia." - Todd Sampson, CEO Leo Burnett

They could not be more wrong. In the workplace today, creative and lateral thinking skills are critical, as we are under pressure to do things better or more quickly.

Our innovation and creative thinking workshop is a highly experiential course that will introduce methods and tools to help you develop breakthrough ideas and innovations – quickly.

We ask participants to consider their role within the organisation and the department. We introduce them to creative problem solving tools around Problem Definition and Innovative Thinking to help them solve their real life problems and opportunities.

The right hemisphere of the brain will be stimulated, the left brain consulted, and new ideas will be generated and taken back to the workplace.


At the end of the workshop all participants will take away new tools and techniques to help with idea generation and have a process to think laterally. More specifically it will help:

  • Appreciate the need to interrogate perceived issues or problems
  • Learn how to look beneath the perceived problem to unearth the real issue/s
  • Appreciate the need to think laterally to deliver new ideas
  • Learn how to generate ideas on any given problem – quickly
  • Save valuable time and money by quickly focusing resources on effective solutions
  • Deliver solutions to problems and opportunities more systematically


This course is perfect for you if want to learn how think more creatively. Specifically if you want to:

  • Solve problems more quickly
  • Work more effectively as a team
  • Enhance the way you currently work
  • Innovate your team


Participants who attend this course often find our Understanding Self & Others course of value.