We cannot help but enter a negotiation with a pre-existing set of attitudes and beliefs.

"It was well planned, prefectly time and executed training that is interesting, relevant and helpful" - Anthony Cowie, News Magazines

Our values, sense of fairness, attitude towards right and wrong can easily clash – even before we start to focus on our negotiation objectives.

Participants gain valuable insight into the filters they use, the impact of their negotiation style and a two step strategy incorporating skills that ensure they are more likely to meet mutually agreeable and commercially viable outcomes.

Within the workshop we will create business scenarios which bring to life real issues facing your organisation. We will work with you prior to workshop to ensure accuracy and relevance of these simulations.

Learn the two-step strategic approach to ethical negotiation:

  • Planning the negotiation
  • The face-to-face interaction

We provide a unique access to the most up to date ethical influencing strategies to help participants reach outcomes (win: win) whilst preserving and developing the client relationship.


This course will help you negotiate more effectively, efficiently, collaboratively and successfully. It will provide:

  • A clear framework to understand the negotiation process
  • A planning model to enable you to prepare more proactively and efficiently
  • The ability to recognise and deal with tactics
  • A stronger understanding of the psychodynamics within the negotiation process
  • Greater confidence and control over the whole process


This course is perfect for you if you are a professional/executive looking to have a greater impact in your face to face meetings and professionals/executives who are seeking to build long-term profitable relationships. More specifically:

  • Are part of new business pitch teams
  • Are in a face to face sales role
  • Are in Relationship management


Participants who attend this course often find our Influence course of value.